Donald Trump Repeated Lie That Democrats Want Open Borders and Large Scale Crime

Donald Trump at a campaign rally in 2016By: Michael Vadon
Type: Anti ImmigrantJul 30 2018 Severity:
Targeted: Democratic PartyAbout: Undocumented Immigrants
Donald Trump repeated his blatant lie that the Democratic Party advocates for "Open Borders [sic], large scale Crime [sic], and abolishing ICE," even though all three of those claims are easily refutable. That hasn't stopped Donald from continuing to repeat the lie in an attempt to get his hard line immigration policies enacted into law.

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Quote | The Democratic Party has never once advocated for "open borders" as official policy.

"Illegal immigration is a top National Security problem. After decades of playing games, with the whole World laughing at the stupidity of our immigration laws, and with Democrats thinking that Open Borders, large scale Crime, and abolishing ICE is good for them, we must get smart and finally do what must be done for the Safety and Security of our Country!"

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