Donald Trump Told Rally That Dems Would "Shut Down Your Coal Mines"

Type: Anti-Liberal AttacksNov 02 2018 Severity:
Targeted: Democrats in CongressAbout: Coal Industry & Health Care Industry
President Trump held a Rally in Huntington, W.Va. for Patrick Morrisey, the Republican challenger to Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin. During his speech, Trump bashed the Democrats by saying they would "shut down " coal mines, as well as "take away" "good health care" by using "socialism." Socialism consists of the government controlling the means of production. No mainstream Democrat had called for such a governmental takeover.

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Quote | He demonized the Dems by saying they would take away coal mines and good health care.

"But I can tell you, they will shut down your coal mines. They want to take away your good health care and essentially use socialism to turn America into Venezuela," Trump said, at a Rally in West Virginia.

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