Donald Trump Called CNN "Fake As Hell" Before Discussing Glowing Commentary By Fox

Type: Anti-Media AttacksMar 10 2018 Severity:
Targeted: CNN
Donald Trump trashed CNN as "fake as hell" and "the worst" before immediately switching to bragging about glowing coverage he received from a female commentator on an unspecific show on Fox. Trump often rails against any news coverage that isn't unabashedly positive of him or his Administration as "fake."

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Quote | It's difficult to make out what Trump's saying, but CNN is bad and Fox is good.

"A certain anchor on CNN ... fake as hell CNN, the, fake as hell CNN, the worst, so fake, fake news. Their ratings are lousy, by the way and compared to Fox, and a certain anchor, female, said, ‘This is really something. He would go down as a truly great president if this happened.’ They couldn’t believe it. CNN."

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