Donald Trump Accused Journalists Of Making Up Sources In Critical Pieces About Him

Type: Anti-Media AttacksApr 28 2018 Severity:
Targeted: Independent Media
Donald Trump accused those in the media who use confidential sources in critical articles about him are actually making up the sources in order to get their story out. He also falsely asserted that journalists "in the old days" would always share the names of their sources, a false claim that is easy to disprove. Journalists have used confidential sources for hundreds of years, well before the writing of the Constitution.

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Quote | Reporters have used confidential sources for centuries.

"In the old days, when the newspapers used to write, they would (put) names down. Today they say, sources have said that President Trump -- sources. They never say who the source is. They don't have sources. The sources don't exist in many cases. The sources in many cases don't exist."

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