Donald Trump Accused Mainstream Media of Sowing Division After Mass Shooting in Synagogue

Type: Anti-Media AttacksOct 31 2018 Severity:
Targeted: The MediaAbout: Mass Shootings
Donald Trump attacked the media and accused them of sowing division in the US after a mass shooting at a synagogue in Pittsburgh, PA. According to Donald, the media mislead Americans about massive protests against Trump in Pittsburgh that forced his motorcade to turn around and take a different route, but that's difficult to believe considering there is video evidence refuting his claim.

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Quote | He did so as he falsely claimed the media over hyped mass protests against him in PA.

“After this day of unity and togetherness, I came home and, sadly, turned on the news and watched as the far-left media once again used tragedy to sow anger and division. Sadly, they took a small group of protesters [who were] far away from where we were. We could not have been treated better, the first lady and myself. But we’re representing the presidency, and [the media] did everything in their power to try to play it up and push people apart. That’s what’s happening. They’re pushing people apart.”

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