Donald Trump Unleashed Unhinged Rant Against the "Fake News" Before His Social Media Summit

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Type: Anti-Media AttacksJul 11 2019 Severity:
Targeted: The Media
Donald Trump unleashed an unhinged and somewhat frightening rant against the "fake news media" shortly before his "Social Media Summit" at the White House began. Trump went after traditional media for being "fake," "joked" about being President for 14 more years, and reminded his followers that he still considers himself a "true Stable Genius!"

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Quote | His so-called summit is actually just a Who's Who of right-wing online trolls.

"A big subject today at the White House Social Media Summit will be the tremendous dishonesty, bias, discrimination and suppression practiced by certain companies. We will not let them get away with it much longer. The Fake News Media will also be there, but for a limited period. The Fake News is not as important, or as powerful, as Social Media. They have lost tremendous credibility since that day in November, 2016, that I came down the escalator with the person who was to become your future First Lady. When I ultimately leave office in six years, or maybe 10 or 14 (just kidding), they will quickly go out of business for lack of credibility, or approval, from the public. That’s why they will all be Endorsing me at some point, one way or the other. Could you imagine having Sleepy Joe Biden, or Alfred E. Newman or a very nervous and skinny version of Pocahontas (1/1024th), as your President, rather than what you have now, so great looking and smart, a true Stable Genius! Sorry to say that even Social Media would be driven out of business along with, and finally, the Fake News Media!" 

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