Donald Trump Bragged About Getting NATO to Pay "Billions and Billions of Dollars"

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Targeted: Bob Woodward
During a phone call with Bob Woodward, a journalist who wrote about his presidency, Trump launched into bragging about how much of a "great job for the country" he had been doing. He mentioned getting NATO to pay" billions and billions of dollars more than anybody thought possible", and bashed previous presidents by saying that they weren't able to get more.

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Quote | He said this during a phone call on a book that was written about him.

"I mean, you do know I’m doing a great job for the country. You do know that NATO now is going to pay billions and billions of dollars more, as an example, than anybody thought possible, that other presidents were unable to get more? And it was heading downward. You do know all of the things I’ve done and things that I’m doing? I’m in the process of making some of the greatest trade deals ever to be made. You do understand that stuff? I mean, I hope," Trump said during an interview with the author of a book written about his presidency. 

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