Donald Trump Praised Pelosi For Being Against Impeaching "The Most Successful" President

Type: Boastful\BraggingMar 13 2019 Severity:
Targeted: Nancy Pelosi & Impeachment
Donald Trump cynically praised Speaker Nancy Pelosi after she came out against, at least for now, opening up impeachment hearings against him. In his Tweet, Trump repeated his easily disprovable claim that he's had the "most successful first two ears in history" and insisted that he's done nothing wrong despite a number of his top campaign aids being under indictment or awaiting prison sentences. Trump also neglected to bring up the fact that Pelosi said impeachment is off the table because she knows Senate Republicans don't have a spine.

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Quote | The reason Pelosi came out against it is because she knows Republicans won't remove him.

"I greatly appreciate Nancy Pelosi’s statement against impeachment, but everyone must remember the minor fact that I never did anything wrong, the Economy and Unemployment are the best ever, Military and Vets are great - and many other successes! How do you impeach a man who is considered by many to be the President with the most successful first two years in history, especially when he has done nothing wrong and impeachment is for “high crimes and misdemeanors”?

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