Donald Trump Rolled Back Worker Safety Rules After Making a Point Not To

Donald Trump holding a teleconference at Camp David.By: Shealah Craighead
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About: Blue-collar workers
Trump came into office pledging to cut regulations "massively". At that time, he had also made it clear that he would not cut regulations that protected workers health. Since then, his deregulatory moves on worker safety are at odds with his public stance as a proponent for the working class. He then named two management-side attorneys bent on rolling back economic protections for workers, for the National Labor Relations Board, which regulates the labor unions. He nominated two pro-management jurists. One of those Supreme Court nominees began Senate confirmation hearings.

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Description | He had made a point to exempt cutting regulations protecting workers in the past.

Two years into his presidency, his administration began rolling back worker safety protections affecting underground mine safety inspections, offshore oil rigs and line speeds in meat processing plants, among others