Donald Trump Accused The New York Times of Making Up Official Who Wrote Scathing Op-Ed

Type: Conspiracy TheoriesOct 11 2018 Severity:
Targeted: The New York Times
Donald Trump accused the New York Times of fabricating an op-ed written by a high ranking official in his Administration that claimed there are members in his inner circle that are working to thwart Trump's reckless behavior. There is zero evidence that the New York Times made up the source, but that has never stopped Trump from making the charged accusation.

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Quote | The op-ed claimed there are high ranking officials in the Administration thwarting Trump.

"Even the letter [claiming high ranking officials are working behind the scenes to thwart Trump's reckless behavior] written to the Times, there is a chance -- I don't say it's a big chance, but there is a very good chance -- that that was written by the Times."

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