Donald Trump Implied the Late Representative John Dingel is "Looking Up" From Hell

Type: Defames\SlandersDec 18 2019 Severity:
Targeted: John Dingell & Impeachment
Donald Trump implied that the late Representative John Dingel is "looking up" from hell during a hate filled rage against the late Representatives wife, who has filled his seat in Congress. Trump was ranting against Debbie Dingle voting to impeach him after she was so grateful to him for how he handled her husbands death when he made the appalling comment.

Source: nbcnews.comConservative:

Quote | His appalling suggestion came as he was raging against Dingel's wife.

"Maybe he's [John Dingel] looking up [from hell]," Trump said. "Maybe, but let's assume he's looking down."

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