Donald Trump Ordered DOJ to Investigate Actions Taken by Obama DOJ and FBI During Campaign

Type: Disdain for Rule of LawMay 20 2018 Severity:
Targeted: Obama AdministrationAbout: FBI & Department of Justice
Donald Trump ordered the Department of Justice to investigate actions taken by the FBI and Department of Justice during the 2016 campaign over alleged (and heretofore unproven) spying of his campaign by Obama Administration officials. It is unheard of in modern American history for a President to direct the Department of Justice, which is supposed to be apolitical, to use its investigatory powers to go after political opponents. News recently came out that a confidential informant had contact with two or three Trump campaign advisers who were under investigation for colluding with the Russian government, but Trump used that information as "proof" that his campaign was being spied on by the US Government, a claim that is without merit and not based on fact.

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