Donald Trump Advocated For Witness "Flipping" to be Outlawed After Lawyer Struck Deal

Type: Disdain for Rule of LawAug 23 2018 Severity:
Targeted: Michael Cohen & Department of Justice
Donald Trump lamented the fact that his personal lawyer struck a deal with prosecutors to plead guilty and cooperate in pending investigations by advocating for the outlaw of such activity. Witnesses "flipping" and cooperating with authorities has gone on since before the United States was a country and has helped authorities solve countless crimes throughout the years, but now Trump wants that practice to be outlawed now that he is the potential target of investigators.

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Quote | People working with prosecutors to get a more lenient sentence has gone on for centuries.

"For 30, 40 years I've been watching flippers. Everything's wonderful and then they get 10 years in jail and they -- they flip on whoever the next highest one is, or as high as you can go. It -- it almost ought to be outlawed. It's not fair."

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