Donald Trump Grumbled That Robert Mueller Isn't Investigating Democrats Hard Enough

Type: Disdain for Rule of LawNov 26 2018 Severity:
Targeted: Robert MuellerAbout: Russia
Donald Trump lased out at Robert Mueller over his lack of indicting Democrats in the Russia probe even though it was Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party that were negatively affected by Russian interference in the 2016 election. Trump also accused Mueller, without any evidence, of having unspecified conflicts of interest and wondered aloud whether he will report on those supposed conflicts in a preamble to the final report.

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Quote | He also accused Mueller have having unspecified conflicts of interest.

"When Mueller does his final report, will he be covering all of his conflicts of interest in a preamble, will he be recommending action on all of the crimes of many kinds from those “on the other side”(whatever happened to Podesta?), and will he be putting in statements from hundreds of people closely involved with my campaign who never met, saw or spoke to a Russian during this period? So many campaign workers, people inside from the beginning, ask me why they have not been called (they want to be). There was NO Collusion & Mueller knows it!"

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