Donald Trump Railed at Democrats Over the "Treasonous Hoax" They Put The Country Through

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Type: Disdain for Rule of LawMay 12 2019 Severity:
Targeted: Democratic Party & Robert MuellerAbout: U.S. Constitution
Donald Trump lashed out at Democrats response to Robert Mueller's report that pointedly refused to exonerate him of Obstruction of Justice in an unhinged rant, accusing them of perpetuating a "Treasonous Hoax" on the American people and wondering how anyone can say we're in a Constitutional Crisis since he's doing such a superb job managing the economy. Not surprisingly, Trump ended his rant with calling for his political opponents "will pay!"

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Quote | According to Trump we can't be in a Constitutional crisis because he lowered regulations.

"The Democrats new and pathetically untrue sound bite is that we are in a “Constitutional Crisis.” They and their partner, the Fake News Media, are all told to say this as loud and as often as possible. They are a sad JOKE! We may have the strongest Economy in our history, best employment numbers ever, low taxes & regulations, a rebuilt military & V.A., many great new judges, & so much more. But we have had a giant SCAM perpetrated upon our nation, a Witch Hunt, a Treasonous Hoax. That is the Constitutional Crisis & hopefully guilty people will pay!"

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