Donald Trump Claimed the "Fake News Media" Would Go Out of Business When He Left Office

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Targeted: The New York Times & CNN
President Trump attended a rally to support Matt Rosendale, a candidate for the Montana Senate. Later in the speech, Trump claimed that both CNN and the New York Times would suffer after he left office, and said that the NYT lost subscribers when he won the election and CNN was almost out of business due to their ratings. His claims were false. The New York Times subscriptions greatly increased after Trump's election, with the fourth quarter of 2016 being the best in history, when it came to online subscribers. CNN's ratings also experienced a boost by what was called the "Trump bump." The network had record-high viewership.

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Quote | He told a Montana crowd that the NYT and CNN would go out of business after his tenure.

"You know, when I won the election, the New York Times, all their subscribers were leaving, and when I'm ultimately no longer president, and hopefully about six and a half years from now, the New York Times will go out of business. All of them will be out of business. CNN will be out of business. They're almost out of business now, if you look at their ratings, out of business,” Trump said at a Montana rally, referring to the "fake news media."

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