Donald Trump Exaggerated Rally Numbers During Hurricane Micheal

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President Trump spent his morning on the phone with the anchors from "Fox and Friends." During the call, Trump bragged about the turnout to a rally he held in Pennsylvania as Hurricane Micheal raged in Florida. He exaggerated that people had lined up two days early to the event, and that the venue was a 12,000-seat auditorium. The local newspaper reported the capacity of the auditorium at 9000. The line for the rally did not start two days early, it started earlier the same day.

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Quote | He said people lined up two days early for his speech in a 12,000 seat auditorium.

"I go make a speech in a 12,000-seat auditorium, and people start lining up two days early. I mean, literally, they bring tents," Trump said during a phone interview with "Fox and Friends" anchors.