Donald Trump Fallaciously Told a Montana Crowd that "We'll Have No Crime"

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Targeted: Democrats in CongressAbout: Immigration
President Trump attended a rally to support Matt Rosendale, a candidate for the Montana State Senate . In the middle of his speech, he demonized the Democratic Party for obstructing and "resisting" the bill to build a wall along the Mexican border. He claimed the democrats wanted open borders and that equaled "massive costs and massive crime, and massive tears." He then followed with an audacious claim that "we're gonna finish the wall," and "we'll have no crime."

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Quote | His claim followed a rant about how open borders with Mexico equals crime.

"We'll have no crime. We want to protect America's great people, and it's great citizens," Trump told ralliers in Montana, referring to his belief that illegal immigration equals crime. 

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