Donald Trump Told Ralliers They Would Lose Their 2nd Amendment Rights if the Dems Win

Type: Fear MongeringSep 06 2018 Severity:
Targeted: Democrats in Congress & LiberalsAbout: 2nd Amendment
President Trump showed up at a Montana rally to support Senate candidate Matt Rosendale, also to air his grievances and make claims. In one part of his speech, he told the crowed that they were going to lose their guns and their 2nd Amendment, also telling them to "be careful. Be careful. Be Careful." Trump had used this argument in the past about Democrats, which other conservatives have argued the same, especially if a democratic president were elected. At the time, there wasn't any solid evidence that supported the idea that a mass confiscation of firearms would be on the agenda of a Democratic president.

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Quote | He told the crowd they would lose their guns if the Dems won the midterms.

"You're going to lose your right to those guns. You're going to lose your Second Amendment. So be careful. Be careful. Be careful," Trump said at a Montana rally. 

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