Donald Trump Claimed Dems Plan Would Lead to "Massive Rationing"

President Trump signing an executive order.By: Sean Spicer
Type: Fear MongeringOct 10 2018 Severity:
Targeted: Democrats in CongressAbout: Medicare
President Trump wrote an op-ed for USA Today, regarding a program promoted by Sen. Bernie Sanders to expand Medicare to all Americans, which was known as Medicare-for-All. Trump made a fear mongering claim that the Democrats' plan would "inevitably lead to the massive rationing of health care." His scare scenario was an echo of fears evoked by those who opposed Medicare in the 1960s. A transition to a single-payer health care would lead to upheaval and uncertainty, but not at the exaggerated rate he claimed.

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Quote | He fear-mongered about Sen. Bernie Sanders' Medicare-for-All proposal.

“The Democratic plan would inevitably lead to the massive rationing of health care. Doctors and hospitals would be put out of business. Seniors would lose access to their favorite doctors. There would be long wait lines for appointments and procedures. Previously covered care would effectively be denied,” Trump wrote in an USA Today Op-Ed.

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