Donald Trump Said The Parents Didn't Have to Report It Because Some People Keep it Quiet

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After President Trump met with the United Nations for three days in New York City, he held a news conference to address just days before his Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, faced a hearing about an allegation of sexual assault. During the conference, Trump gave his opinion on how victims of sexual assault handle it, such the woman with allegations against Kavanaugh. He said that the victim's parents could have reported it 36 years ago, but it didn't mean "they had to report it because in some instances people keep it quiet."

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Quote | He said that the parent's of a victim of alleged sexual assault didn't have to report it.

"It doesn't mean they had to report it, because in some instances people keep it quiet. It's a very tough situation for a woman, there's no question about it. And in some cases, they do report it," Trump said at a news conference, defending his Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh.