Donald Trump Invoked President Obama's Middle Name While Verbally Attacking Him

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Targeted: Barack Obama
Donald Trump derogatorily referred to former President Obama as "Barack H Obama" during a rally in a small Indiana town, undoubtedly trying to remind those in attendance that the former President isn't "one of them" since his middle name is of Islamic origins. President Obama's father name his son after himself middle name and all, but the right has long used his name as proof that Obama is a secret Muslim. The fact that Trump brought it up during one of his hate filled rallies only goes to show that many Republicans are still driven by their desire to discredit Mr. Obama and his tenure.

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Quote | President Obama's middle name has long been used by Republicans to incite fear and hate.

"It's no surprise that Joe Donnelly is holding a rally this weekend with Barack H. (while drawing an H with his hands) Obama."

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