Donald Trump Called Meet The Press Host Chuck Todd a "Sleeping Son of a Bitch"

Type: Lashes out at PeopleMar 10 2018 Severity:
Targeted: Chuck ToddAbout: North Korea vs South Korea
Donald Trump attacked Meet The Press host Chuck Todd by calling him a "sleeping son of a bitch" without explaining exactly why he didn't like the host because he was in the middle of a rant about the Clinton Administrations handling of the North Korea nuclear program. Trump ended his rant by simply saying "young" and "handsome."

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Quote | Trump never explained his grievances with Todd because he was talking about NK.

"Chuck Todd. He's a sleeping son of a bitch. I'll tell you and they showed it this morning -- 1999 and I'm talking about North Korea you got to take them out now and then they have Clinton saying 'we are pleased to announce that we have made a deal with North Korea.' Well you know how that deal turned out right. We gave billions and billions of dollars and lots of other things and we got nothing, but they show me. Young, handsome."

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