Donald Trump Attacked NYT Over Piece Questioning Suspicious Banking Activity by Trump

Type: Lashes out at PeopleMay 20 2019 Severity:
Targeted: The New York Times
Donald Trump attacked the "Failing New York Times" for publishing a report that executives at Deutsche Bank, one of the only banks in the world that will lend to Donald, flagged accounts owned by Donald and his son-in-law Jared for suspicious activity back in 2016 and 2017, after Donald became President. The executives who flagged the activity and recommended it be report to US authorities were overruled by higher ups who ordered them to drop it. Trump claimed that the reason no major banks outside of Deutsche Bank ever lent him money is because he didn't ask, which is patently untrue.

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Quote | The report uncovered that executives at Deutsche Bank noticed irregular activity by Trump.

"The Failing New York Times (it will pass away when I leave office in 6 years), and others of the Fake News Media, keep writing phony stories about how I didn’t use many banks because they didn’t want to do business with me. WRONG! It is because I didn’t need money. Very old fashioned, but true. When you don’t need or want money, you don’t need or want banks. Banks have always been available to me, they want to make money. Fake Media only says this to disparage, and always uses unnamed sources (because their sources don’t even exist)."

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