Donald Trump Proclaimed That Rep. Nunes Should Get the Medal of Honor

Type: Loyalty Over CompetenceOct 11 2018 Severity:
About: Russia
Donald Trump heaped praise on Rep. Devin Nunes, going so far as suggesting that he deserves the Medal of Honor for how he has handled the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election and the Trump campaign's potential collaboration with them. Nunes, as chairman of the powerful House Intelligence Committee, has bent over backwards to stymie the investigation and clear Donald of any wrongdoing.

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Quote | Nunes has worked to stymie the investigation into Trump's dealings with Russia in 2016.

"And I don't think people like Devin Nunes -- you -- you -- he should get -- if this all turns out like everyone thinks it will, Devin Nunes should get the Medal of Honor."