Donald Trump Bashed GWU For Research Methods Pertaining to Hurricane Death Toll

Type: MisinformationSep 15 2018 Severity:
Targeted: George Washington & Puerto RicoAbout: Hurricanes
Trump launched a tweetstorm to defend the slow actions of his administration when Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico a year prior. He continued to accuse Democrats of inflating the death toll from the hurricane. He rejected the government’s assessment that the storm had claimed nearly 3,000 lives. He also stated that the toll was only 6 to 18 dead after his visit following the storm. George Washington University was chosen to do in-depth research to find the final death toll of the storm. Trump bashed the PR government for having GWU do the estimate, but in reality PR officials did not have the resources to accurately conduct forensic examinations themselves. The final death toll of almost 3000 is accepted by officials both in PR and the U.S.

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