Donald Trump Blamed Democrats for Obstructing Bill They Hadn't Seen

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Targeted: Democrats in CongressAbout: Government Health Benefits
At an Iowa rally, Donald Trump blamed Senate Democrats for blocking the passage of the GOP health care bill, yet no one outside of a few GOP lawmakers had actually seen it at the time of his accusation.

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Quote | The bill was written by Rep Senators almost entirely behind closed doors.

“If we had even a little Democrat support, just a little, like a couple of votes, you’d have everything. And you could give us a lot of votes and we’d even be willing to change it and move it around and try and make it even better, but again, They just want to stop, they just want to obstruct. A few votes from the Democrats, seriously, a few votes from the Democrats, it could be so easy, so beautiful, and you’d have cooperation," Trump said, accusing democrats for obstructing the GOP healthcare bill. 

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