Donald Trump Used Faulty Israeli Intelligence to Justify Terminating Iran Nuclear Pact

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About: Iran & Nuclear Weapons
Donald Trump used years old Israeli intelligence claiming that Iran has a clandestine nuclear weapons program as a justification to terminate the United States participation in the nuclear agreement it signed with the major world powers and Iran. The intelligence the Israeli's produced is years old and was already known to the world powers at the time of the agreement, something that Trump neglected to discuss. Ever since the agreement has been signed, the IAEA has verified that Iran has been in compliance and has not violated any terms of the agreement.

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Quote | The information Trump used is years old and was already known by world powers.

"Today, we have definitive proof that this Iranian promise was a lie. Last week. Israel published intelligence documents, long-concealed by Iran, conclusively showing the Iranians' regime and its history of pursuing nuclear weapons."