Donald Trump Said the Books that are "Really Good" Are Numbers 1,2,3 On Bestseller List

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President Trump attended a rally to support Montana State Senate candidate Matt Rosendale. During his speech, Trump started praising books written by Fox News personalities. These books in particular, which he called "the really good ones" were books that praised him. He then said three books were in the top three on the NYT bestseller list, which isn't true. Number one at the time was "Unhinged," a highly critical book on Trump, written by former Trump aide. Number two was "The Russia Hoax," a pro-Trump book, and number three is unrelated. Number four was "House of Trump, House of Putin," a critical book on Trump.

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Quote | The books he thought he was mentioning were books praising him.

"Actually the ones that are really good, are number 1,2, and 3 on the Bestseller list. Right? -- The ones -- the really good ones by Justice, you know -- I call her Justice, but she's judge, but she's Justice to me -- Jeanine, we love her. Judge Jeanine. By Gregg Jarrett. How about Bongino? He's got a very successful book. How about Bongino?" Trump said at a Montana rally, promoting books written positively about him.