Donald Trump Said Ben Jealous Wanted to Give Free College Tuition to Illegal Aliens

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Targeted: Democratic PartyAbout: Immigration & Higher Education
President Trump attended a rally to support Matt Rosendale, a candidate for the Montana Senate. Later in the speech, Trump bashed Democratic candidate, Ben Jealous. He claimed Jealous wanted to give free college to illegal aliens. Jealous wanted free community college for all Maryland residents, including undocumented immigrants brought to the U.S as children, referred to as "dreamers." Trump himself had claimed he wanted to find a way for them to stay. Gov. Hogan, a Republican, said the dreamers should have access to tuition aid at community colleges.

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Quote | He misled ralliers in Montana by saying he wanted to give tuition to illegal aliens.

"In Maryland, the Democrat candidate for governor wants to give illegal aliens free college tuition, courtesy of the American taxpayer,” Trump said at a Montana rally. 

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