Donald Trump Rambled When Asked if He'd Ever Given a Woman The Benefit of the Doubt

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After President Trump met with the United Nations for three days in New York City, he held a news conference to address just days before his Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, faced a hearing about an allegation of sexual assault. During the conference, Trump was asked " Has there ever been an instance when you've given the benefit of the doubt to a woman?" He responded nonsensically with a jumbled rant about knowing "people for a long time."

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Quote | He spoke nonsensically when asked if he'd ever given a woman the benefit of the doubt.

"I've known them for a long time and a lot of these people. A lot of people. And some I've been disappointed with. I have been disappointed with some others like -- you know, there are charges that are pretty weak. But I've known people for a long time," Trump said at a news conference, when asked if there ever had been an instance when he'd given the benefit of the doubt to a woman."