Donald Trump Said He Wasn't Losing it Because "25,000" People Show Up to his Speeches

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President Trump attended a Montana rally to support Senate candidate Matt Rosendale, also to air his grievances and make claims. In one part of his speech he addressed part of a scathing indictment on his fitness, which came from an anonymous New York Times op-ed. Trump made the argument that since he could do speeches, and "25,000 people" show up to his speeches, he hadn't "lost it," which was false since none of Trump's post-election rallies attracted 25,000 people. At most, it had been 10,000 attendees.

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Quote | None of his post-election rallies had attracted 25,000 people at that time.

"I stand up here giving speeches for an hour and a half, many times without notes. And then they say he's lost it. And yet we have 25,000 people showing up to speeches," Trump said at a Montana rally.