Donald Trump Said Superdelegates Helped Hillary Win the Democratic Nomination

Type: Outright LiesSep 06 2018 Severity:
Targeted: Hillary Clinton
President Trump attended a rally to support Montana State Senate candidate Matt Rosendale. He bashed Hillary Clinton in his speech, claiming she stole it by using superdelegates that were "handed" to her. When in actuality, she didn't have all the superdelegates from the start, and could only claim half by November 2015, three months prior to the first primary votes. She would have won the nomination sooner, if not for the existence of superdelegates because she won more delegates in both the primary and caucus votes.

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Quote | He claimed they were "handed" to her and helped her steal it from Bernie Sanders.

"I beat Hillary, who stole it from Bernie. Bernie should have won, but that's okay. They stole it. Superdelegates. How do you like superdelegates? But she's got superdelegates that were handed to her.”

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