Donald Trump Lied to a Crowd That Democrats Cut Medicare "By More Than $700 Billion"

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Targeted: Democrats in CongressAbout: Medicare
President Trump attended a rally to support Matt Rosendale, a candidate for the Montana Senate. Later in the speech, Trump referred to an old Republican claim that Obama took over $700 billion from Medicare in order to fund the Affordable Care Act. The savings were mostly taken from health care providers, not Medicare beneficiaries, who ended up with new benefits as a result. Obama's health care law actually strengthened Medicare. Trump's administration had pocketed almost all of those savings, and sought to reduce more spending on Medicare.

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Quote | He told a Montana crowd that the Dems had cut Medicare to fund the Affordable Care Act.

"The last time Democrats were in power, they cut Medicare by more than $700 billion to pay for the scandalous Obamacare. Now Democrats want to steal trillions of dollars from Medicare,” Trump said at a Montana Rally. 

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