Donald Trump Bashed San Juan Mayor While Saying Adm. Did a Great Job in Puerto Rico

Type: Poor DiplomacySep 12 2018 Severity:
About: Hurricanes
Donald Trump insisted that his administration did a "great job" in response to Hurricane Maria, as Hurricane Florence rolled toward the Carolina coast. He then went on to bash San Juan's Democratic Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz. Cruz outwardly criticized Trump's administration for its slow response in Maria's aftermath. When asked about Trump's tweet, Cruz told MSNBC, "He doesn't understand that this isn't about him and about his ego, this is about the inability of his administration, that he directs, to ensure that the appropriate help got to Puerto Rico in time," Cruz said. "If Trump thinks losing "3,000 lives is a success," Cruz later tweeted, "can you imagine what he thinks failure looks like?"

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