Donald Trump Fumed That He Would be Happy To Give Captured ISIS Fighters to France

Type: Poor DiplomacyDec 03 2019 Severity:
Targeted: Emmanuel MacronAbout: Islamic State (ISIS) & NATO
Donald Trump ranted that he would be happy to give captured ISIS fighters to France during a bonkers press conference with the French President, prompting Macron to respond with a terse "let's be serious" before explaining the facts to Donald, which is that the vast majority of ISIS fighters are from predominately Muslim countries throughout the Arab world, Africa, and Asia.

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Quote | French President Macron immediately stood up to Donald and slapped him down.

“Many are from France, many from Germany, and many are from U.K. They're mostly from Europe, and some of the countries are agreeing. I have not spoken to the president about that,” Trump said. “Would you like some nice ISIS fighters? I can give them to you. You can take every one you want.”

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