Donald Trump Hit Schwarzenegger For Not Being Successful on "The Apprentice"

Type: Rambling Public SpeakingDec 08 2017 Severity:
Targeted: Arnold Schwarzenegger
Donald Trump attacked Arnold Schwarzenegger for not being successful as host of his former "beautiful" and "successful" television show "The Apprentice" during a campaign style speech in Florida. The fact that the President went after the host is not terribly surprising, but the timing was off because Trump was in the middle of talking about the Veterans Affairs Department when he wandered off script and delivered the broadside against Schwarzenegger.

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Quote | The broadside came while he was talking about the Veterans Affairs Department.

I can't believe that Arnold Schwarzenegger bombed so badly on 'The Apprentice' -- my poor, beautiful show. Oh, it was so successful. We get a big movie star and he can't pull it off.

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