Donald Trump Rambled About Trade Deals and Bruce Ohr During Hill Interview

Caricature of Donald Trump gesturing with his hand.By: DonkeyHotey
Type: Rambling Public SpeakingSep 19 2018 Severity:
Targeted: Bruce Ohr
In an Oval Office interview with Hill.TV’s John Solomon and Buck Sexton, Trump rambled inherently about corruption in the FBI, and trade deals within seconds of each other. He at first said "we're making great trade deals," then in the same long rant he jumped into Bruce Ohr, and his wife, and how they were "getting paid by people that did a totally phony deal," without giving context.

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Quote | He made a confusing statement about trade deals and Bruce Ohr without context.

"We’re making great trade deals. In its own way, this might be the most important thing because this was corrupt. When you look at Bruce Ohr, whose wife was getting paid by people that did a totally phony deal. And they got a tremendous amount of money, the money," Trump said during a interview with Hill. TV's John Solomon and Buck Sexton. 

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