Donald Trump Claimed NATO Paid $44 Billion Dollars Extra

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President Trump attended a rally to support Matt Rosendale, a candidate for the Montana Senate. Later in the speech, Trump touched on his dealings with NATO. Trump misquoted Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg, who praised Trump for getting NATO allies to spend more. Increased spending began in 2014. Stoltenberg also said that NATO had agreed to pay an extra $41 billion since Trump took office. French President Emmanuel Macron, however, denied that any agreement had been reached to increase anything beyond previously agreed expenditure targets.

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Quote | He misquoted head of NATO's false claim that NATO had paid $44 Billion extra.

"Secretary Stoltenberg, Secretary General, head of NATO … [He says] You know how much they paid extra? Forty-four billion dollars. That was last year,” Trump said at a Montana rally, talking about his dealings with NATO.