Donald Trump Can't Fathom the Idea of Anyone Else Being TIME Person of the Year

Type: Sense of EntitlementNov 20 2018 Severity:
Targeted: Time Magazine
Donald Trump simply can't fathom the idea that anyone than himself could be named TIME Person of the Year, even sarcastically asking the gathered press if they could "imagine anybody else other than Trump." This isn't the first time Trump's been hung up on who TIME chooses. Last year Trump publicly (and falsely) claimed he turned down TIME's offer of an interview and photo shoot because the magazine would only commit to "probably" giving him the honor. That turned out to be a lie, as TIME Magazine publicly refuted Trump's account.

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Quote | He referred to himself in the third person twice while discussing the topic.

"It's up to TIME Magazine. I can't imagine anybody else other than Trump [being chosen as TIME Person of the Year]. Can you imagine anybody else other than Trump?"

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