Donald Trump Claimed Obama "Wasn't Big On Picking Judges"

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Targeted: Obama Administration
After President Trump met with the United Nations for three days in New York City, he held a news conference. While addressing the reporters, Trump bashed President Obama, saying he had 145 openings for judges he needed to fill. He implied that there was a large number of openings because Obama "wasn't big on picking judges." The number of judicial openings were a result of a blockade led by Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell against Obama's judicial picks, not because of lack of interest.

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Quote | He told reporters that he had many judges to pick because Obama wasn't big on it.

"I have a 145 judges I will be picking by the end of a fairly short period of time, because President Obama wasn't big on picking judges," Trump said at a news conference, bashing the Obama Administration. 

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