Donald Trump Prematurely Declared Victory Against Iran Without Knowing the Outcome

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Targeted: IranAbout: International Relations
Donald Trump declared that "Iran appears to be standing down" in a moment reminiscent of George Bush's "Mission Accomplished" moment aboard a US aircraft carrier only months into the Iraq war (that America has been engaged in for the past two decades). It is true that Iran didn't respond to the assassination of their top general by starting an all-out war, but that doesn't mean they are, as Donald claims, "standing down." Iran is heavily involved in Middle-East affairs and could very well be playing the long game in this dispute.

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Quote | His words were reminiscent of George Bush's famous "Mission Accomplished" moment.

"Iran appears to be standing down [from a broader conflict with the US military], which is a good thing for all parties concerned and a very good thing for the world,.

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