Donald Trump Accidentally Admitted That Russia Helped Elect Him President

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Targeted: Robert MuellerAbout: Russia
Donald Trump accidentally admitted that Russia helped elect him back in 2016 in a rage filled Twitter rant blasting the "Witch Hunt Hoax." In the Tweet, Trump wrote that he "had nothing to do with Russia helping me to get elected." However, one hour later Donald contracted himself yet again and insisted that "Russia didn't help me at all" in 2016.

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Quote | The slip of tongue happened as Trump was raging about Mueller's press conference.

"Russia, Russia, Russia! That’s all you heard at the beginning of this Witch Hunt Hoax...And now Russia has disappeared because I had nothing to do with Russia helping me to get elected. It was a crime that didn’t exist. So now the Dems and their partner, the Fake News Media say he fought back against this phony crime that didn’t exist, this horrendous false accusation, and he shouldn’t fight back, he should just sit back and take it. Could this be Obstruction? No, Mueller didn’t find Obstruction either. Presidential Harassment!"

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