Donald Trump Ranted That Convicted Felons Were Victims of "Dirty (Filthy) Cops"

Caricature of Donald Trump pouting.By: Gage Skidmore
Type: UnhingedJan 02 2020 Severity:
Targeted: FBI & ImpeachmentAbout: Ukraine
Donald Trump called for his political opponents for be jailed for "treason (and more)" in a two-part rage Tweet ranting about "a lot of very good people" being "taken down by a small group of Dirty (Filthy) Cops." Trump continued to claim he is a victim of a vast Witch Hunt and that if what's happening to him happened to a Democratic candidate or President then a lot of people would be in jail. He finished his unhinged rant by calling what's happening to him the "CRIME OF THE CENTURY" that is "far bigger and more sinister than Watergate!"

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Quote | He also renewed his call to jail his political opponents for "treason (and more)."

"A lot of very good people were taken down by a small group of Dirty (Filthy) Cops, politicians, government officials, and an investigation that was illegally started & that SPIED on my campaign. The Witch Hunt is sputtering badly, but still going on (Ukraine Hoax!). If this had happened to a Presidential candidate, or President, who was a Democrat, everybody involved would long ago be in jail for treason (and more), and it would be considered the CRIME OF THE CENTURY, far bigger and more sinister than Watergate!"

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