Donald Trump Flew Into a Fit of Rage at Top Military Brass and Called Them Losers

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Donald Trump exploded at the top military brass of the United States during a classified briefing explaining American might and the geopolitical landscape throughout the world, calling them all losers, dopes, and babies. Trump displayed an almost comical misunderstanding of geopolitics during the meeting, which is the same meeting that former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson famously called Donald a "fucking moron" when it was all over.

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Quote | It happened early in his Administration during a tutorial on American might worldwide.

“You’re all losers. You don’t know how to win anymore. I want to win. We don’t win any wars anymore.. We spend $7 trillion, everybody else got the oil and we’re not winning anymore...I wouldn’t go to war with you people. You’re a bunch of dopes and babies.”